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Cosmic Bookshelf was born in 2018 out of a need for connection: first and foremost, connecting young people to great books. 

The "cosmic" in Cosmic Bookshelf isn't only for the cosmos themselves, but for the way we see our place in them. In Montessori philosophy, Cosmic Education is the approach to secondary education that gives students a sense of where they are in the universe, beginning at the largest cosmos and working down to the self. 

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If you're not sure:

     a) at what level the child is reading,

     b) what type of content is appropriate for the child's age, or

     c) where the child is developmentally,

head on over to our reading guide, Choosing Books. We've made a cheat sheet for the developmental planes that will help you zero in on the right type of books for young readers of any age.

If you know broadly what you're looking for — picture book, early reader, or novel — follow one of the links below for more specific reviews, interviews, and recommendations. 

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