Cosmic Bookshelf Review Policy

send us books for review!

What type of books do you accept for review?


  • We can’t accept picture books in ebook form, and strongly prefer all books in physical format. 

  • Since our goal is to recommend books readers can easily access, we aren’t able to review Print On Demand books or books that exist in digital format only.

  • We only review books that we would recommend to our followers. A handy guide to the types of books we recommend will be available on our forthcoming Reading Guide for Publishers page.  In the meantime, see the Cosmic Bookshelf Guidelines for insights into our book selection process.


When and how will you publish reviews?


  • Forthcoming books will be reviewed on the Cosmic Blog within two weeks of reception, and can be fast-tracked to be released before the book’s publication date if necessary.

  • Books received after the book’s publication date will be reviewed within 6 weeks.


How can I submit a book? 


  • Email us at for mailing information

  • In general, Board Books and Picture Books are reviewed by Grace and Middle Grade/Young Adult books are reviewed by Gaby, but this is subject to change on a case-by-case basis.  


Cosmic Bookshelf is currently in search of: 


  • Picture book biographies, especially of women

  • Nonfiction, all forms: picture book, narrative, middle grade, etc.

  • Photographic board- and picture books

  • Middle grade books with themes of friendship and/or family

  • Historical fiction in any format 

  • Any early reader or early chapter books 

  • Graphic novels 

  • Books by/about Indigenous or First Nations peoples


We are looking for stunning, surprising books being published for young people and can’t wait to see what’s out there! 


Disclaimer: We strive to respond to all review requests and will not send automated responses. All reviews will be published uniquely to Cosmic Bookshelf and will not be shared on other websites.