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Cosmic Weekly: Buzz Aldrin and a Lot of Cheese

Our interviews last week were a deep-dive into what will become our little weekly check-ins, so here's the first installment.

What are you reading now?

Gaby Brabazon: I am reading Ghostland: American History in Haunted Places. It’s a look at ghosts through a cultural lens, so it looks at why we tell ghost stories and how they start… So, like, urban legends and where we get them. It’s really, really incredible.

Grace McKinney: Currently cracking open Louisiana's Way Home by Kate DiCamillo. It's the sequel to Raymie Nightingale, which I finished just a few weeks ago. Very happy to revisit these baton-twirling amigos!

What are you reading next?

GB: Next I want to read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. It’s a Douglas Adams book—the author of Hitchhiker’s Guide. I just found out about it this weekend because there’s a TV show based on it, and a friend of mine dressed up as one of the characters for my Halloween party. There’s two books in the series and I feel very excited.

GM: If I'm being honest, I haven't planned that far ahead. But The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is sitting on the bench at the end of my bed taunting me.

What are you eating?

GB: I’m eating a lot of cheese. Any bread I was eating, I’ve been eating more cheese in its place. That’s the plan till further notice.

GM: I was feeling a little homesick (and, like, actually sick) this weekend, so I made red beans and rice using a recipe that serves ten... I’ll be eating that for a while. And I also just discovered Trader Joe's Mixed Nut Butter and it may be everything I didn't know I needed.

And your favorite tidbit of pop culture this week?

GB: I’m seeing Jenny Slate tomorrow and I am so excited. She’s so funny and so dear and I just love her perspective but have yet to see her do stand-up.

GM: I saw First Man, which was the first movie I've seen in theaters for quite a while. I thought it was really well done. It also made me realize that I was wrong in thinking that Buzz Aldrin was a fictional character. So, there’s that.

Chime in! What are you reading, eating, and enjoying this week?

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