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For Peter's Sake: A List for a Snowy Day

There were probably a lot of eyes rolled in Massachusetts this morning when we got more snow, pushing back the arrival of spring yet again. But I'm all about it, and it set me on the search for some of my favorite snowy books. It goes without saying that Keats' The Snowy Day tops just about every list on the topic, and I figured I could spare Peter another guest appearance and instead lead you to some other cozy choices.

These are best enjoyed in pajamas and with hot chocolate.

A Home in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, illus by Jerry Pinckney

Posthumously published, A Home in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown describes the preparations for a cold winter's night on a farm. The nearly poetic narrative is lush with sounds of the animals and gorgeously illustrated by Pinckney.

Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell

This is probably one of my favorite wordless books, and I really like wordless books. Wolf in the Snow is a story of compassion, family, and quite a bit of heroism. A child's snowy walk home from school becomes an effort to reunite a wolf pup with its pack while the snow keeps tumbling down. All ends well, and the reunion for both child and pup is ever so sweet.

King Alice by Matthew Cordell

Hilarious to all and especially for parents (a total tone shift from the previous title by this author), King Alice tells the tale of an energetic and bold young girl's antics while stuck inside on a snow day and her father's failed attempts to get out of it all. Conspiracy theory: what if this is the alternate tale when school got cancelled for the child in Wolf in the Snow? Maybe?! Humor me, people. (Maybe I've been stuck inside too long.)

First Snow by Bomi Park

A child wakes up in the night to the sound of snow lightly falling. She quickly prepared herself with boots, hat, and cherry-red scarf to venture out and do what she simply must do: make a snowball. This one has the same sense of wonder, playfulness, and excitement of Keats' classic, but with a touch of magical realism at the end.

The Reader by Amy Hest, illustrated by Lauren Castillo

For those willing to brave the snow rather than cozy up indoors, The Reader takes a trek with his canine friend to the tippy-top of "the world," all for the pleasure of snapping open that suitcase to find what's inside: a book. A sweet and satisfying story of "two good friends" on a snowy adventure.

And with the last squeeze of winter, here's to seeing spring soon. Happy reading!

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